R1 Titan
FK8 R1TITAN & R1TITAN Performa


日本国内の車検対応モデルとして販売している「R1TITAN」と、センターパイプのサイレンサーを中型1個にしたサーキット走行や海外向けの「R1TITAN Performa」があります。(リアピースはどちらも一緒です)

「R1TITAN Performa」でも、近接騒音は95~96db前後なので全然爆音ではありません。


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The R1TITAN is available in two models: the R1TITAN, which is a model that meets the Japanese vehicle inspection requirements, and the R1TITAN Performa, which has a single medium-sized silencer in the center pipe and is designed for circuit driving and overseas use. (The rear piece is the same for both.)

“The R1TITAN Performa has a proximity noise level of around 95 to 96db, so it is not an explosive sound at all.

We hope to offer many more models in the future so that many customers can be satisfied with our products.