R1 Titan
Our business partner First Gear Project, from Canada, sent us a few pictures.

I’m a friend of Alberta and my business partner sent me a photo.

R1 TITAN exhaust comes with titanium hardware (nuts, bolts etc)
(Some other brands will provide stainless or mild steel hardware only)
Heat treatment is applied to the hardware to produce a nice blue burned color.

They inspected and made fine adjustments to ensure perfect fitment.

First Gear Project offers diverse service which includes both maintenance and performance tuning
They also import many different kinds of authentic Japanese parts from Japan direct every 1.5~2 months with their own containers.
Of course, they import our “R1 TITAN” products as well.

First Gear Project has friendly staff and offers service in Japanese, English, Korean and Mandarin languages
If you want to get any authentic Japanese products, please contact them.
Mr. Leonard Song is a president of First Gear Project.
We will release our new exhaust system, R1 Titan SOUEN Series, on November 1st, First Gear Project will be the main distributor in North America