R1 Titan
From a friend of Alberta

I’m a friend of Alberta and my business partner sent me a photo.

R1 TITAN also has titanium muffler mounting bolts.
(Some are stainless steel)

He also put heat on the bolts to give them a beautiful blue color to please our customers.

It also attaches neatly to the car and adjusts the left and right exits firmly.

His shop can do anything from difficult maintenance, including engine replacement and tuning, to flat tire repairs.

And we handle all Japanese tuning parts.
It is “all real”, including R1 TITAN.

And their shop is very friendly, has a lot of staff, and all of them can speak more than 10 countries, so anyone can easily go there.

You can always buy real JDM parts by contacting my best friend overseas, the manager Mr. Leonard Song.

Of course, you can always buy the real R1 TITAN!

And for the new series released on November 1, the exclusive agency in North America will be First Gear Project.